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    SRAM 4mm Derailleur Casing
    $4.00 - $89.90
    - Brake casing has internal lining and external plastic coating - Derailleur casing is compressionless with internal lining and external plastic coating
    Shimano Dura-Ace Polymer-Coated Road Brake Cable Set
    Shimano Dura-Ace BC-9000 Polymer Road Brake Cable & Housing sets reduce the sliding resistance to achieve lighter and quicker operation. - Dura-Ace grade SLR-EV Road brake cable set - Stainless steel for anti-rust protection - Low friction polymer material on the cable may cause slippage at the cable fixing bolt after initial pre-stretch for the cable is performed. Fur-like material from polymer coating will not affect the performance - Pre-lubed with special polymer compatible grease
    Shimano XTR SP41 Polymer-Coated Derailleur Cable Set
    Shimano XTR OT-SP41 Polymer Coated Derailleur Cable Sets
    SRAM Guide Hydraulic Line Kit
    SRAM's Guide Hydraulic Line Kit is a replacement hose kit for all Guide brakes. - Compatible with SRAM Guide R, RS, RSC, and DB5 brakes - Length: 2000mm
    Shimano PTFE Road Brake Cable Set
    These PTFE-coated, stainless steel cable and housing sets reduce the sliding resistance to achieve lighter and quicker operation. Includes: - 1400mm x 5mm housing x 1 - 800mm x 5mm housing x 1 - 2050mm x 1.6mm cable x 1 - 1000mm x 1.6mm cable x 1
    Shimano MTB Stainless Brake Cable and Housing Set
    Shimano Stainless Road/MTB Brake Cable & Housing Sets - 1 x 2000mm black 5mm housing - 1 x 1000mm and 1 x 2050mm 1.6mm stainless cables - 2 end caps and 2 cable crimps
    Shimano Optislick Cable Set
    - 1.2 mm x 2100 mm (1 pc.) - 1.2 mm x 1800 mm (1 pc.) - OPTISLICK - Stainless steel - Outer cap with short tongue for ST (2 pcs.) - SIS-SP40 outer caps (3 pcs.) - SIS-SP40 sealed outer caps (1 pc.) - Inner end caps (2 pcs.) - OT-SP41 1700 mm - OT-RS900 (1 pc.)
    Jagwire Sport Direct Rocket II Shift Cable Tension Adjusters
    Rocket II direct cable adjusters fit into Shimano STI shifters with external shift cable routing. - Rubber coated adjusting knobs for firm grip - Adjustable on the fly - 4mm
    Jagwire Sport Inline Adjusters
    $15.99 - $17.50
    Jagwire's Sport Inline Adjusters are installed on your shift cable housing sections so that you can fine-tune the shift cable tension by hand (without tools). They're great for keeping your shifting dialed in. They're precision made of lightweight aluminum and nylon for easy use and durability. To install them, remove the cables and housing sections, cut the top housing sections in two and rejoin the sections with the Inline Adjusters in the middle.
    Ritchey Break-Away Quick Disconnect
    - Time saving system for managing brake cables on Break-Away bikes - Light threaded alloy barrels with rubber noise dampener
    Origin8 Clamp-On Single Cable Stop
    $10.09 - $15.00
    Ditch the zip ties and clean up the look of your cables with Origin-8's Clamp-on Frame Cable Stop. Available in a variety of diameters for different sized round frame tubes, the cable stop bolts on and provides a channel to run rear brake or derailleur housing to hold it securely in place. It's made of lightweight CNC'd aluminum.
    Sunlite Three-Speed Cable
    $12.50 - $15.00
    - Complete cable kits for internal three-speed hubs
    Jagwire Sport Slick Stainless Road Brake Cable
    $5.49 - $14.99
    Jagwire's Road Brake Inner Wire is a high-quality brake cable made of stainless steel for excellent braking performance, corrosion resistance and durability. It comes in Campagnolo and SRAM/Shimano models and lengths to fit single and tandem bicycles.
    Jagwire Slick-Lube Liner for Elite Sealed Shift Kit
    Aluminum, Lightweight, Lubricated An alternative to traditional compressionless housing, this system is made of nesting alloy pieces that protect the liner. Although this housing is typically more expensive, it has several advantages including increased flexibility, reduced weight and increased durability. Both shift and brake housings use identical Slick-Lube liners and interconnecting alloy pieces. - Slick-Lube liners reduce friction and protect against corrosion - Includes four 2300mm liners
    SRAM Stainless Shift Cable
    - Left and right shifter compatible - Road and MTB compatible - 1.1mm polished stainless steel cable
    Vision Aero/Reverse Brake Lever Specific Brake Cable
    - Vision Aero/reverse brake lever specific brake cable - Replacement cables that only work with Vision reverse brake levers - Sold individually
    Avid Overcoat Noodle
    - Noodle/Boot completely seal brake cable, upgrades most linear brakes
    Sunlite Straddle Cable
    - Fits cantilever brakes - Sold individually
    Shimano BH90 Olive and Insert
    - Shimano, Y8JA98020, SM-BH90, Olive and connecting insert
    Sunlite V-Brake Cable Noodle
    - Steel cable noodle with alloy end caps - Includes plastic liner
    Sunlite V-Brake Cable Boot
    - Rubber - Color: Black
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